Linus Design is a small but perfectly formed web design studio based in Oxford, UK

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What we do

We’re passionate about building accessible websites that combine eye-catching design with optimum usability. We provide a truly personal service throughout the design process, and our attention to detail borders on the obsessional: our clients get bespoke websites at off-the-peg prices.


Websites need to look good. They're often the first thing people see of an organisation, so we work with our clients to find a look and feel that represent what they are. We don’t use templates – we prefer to start every project with a blank screen, and let the content inspire the design.


Visitors are quick to leave when they can’t find what they’re looking for. We keep navigation clear, our links look like links, and we’ll never distract your users with superfluous technology.


Accessibility is about more than building sites for the disabled. Your site should be open to as wide an audience as possible, including people with old browsers or slow connection speeds. We use the latest principles of accessibility to ensure that people won’t be needlessly blocked from your content.


Video and audio are great ways to add impact to your site. But used badly, they’ll only slow down and frustrate your visitors. We use multimedia to enhance the user’s experience, and communicate your message in ways that text alone can’t.

Content Management

We believe that you should own your content, not us. So we give you a simple, intuitive Content Management System that lets you update your site from any web browser. Change text, upload images, create tables and links, all without having to pay (and wait for) someone else to do it.

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